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Women’s Voice and Leadership ALIADAS

The WVL ALIADAS programme emerges in a challenging context of effervescence, vigour and energy in feminist communities and is aimed at the construction of a cohesive, vibrant, and proactive movement (s) for women's rights.

WVL ALIADAS was conceived as a vehicle to broaden the voices and strengthen the leadership of established organizations, emerging groups, informal groups, networks, platforms and women's movements. Transformative feminist approaches and methodologies are valued which recognise the need to transform social norms and power relationships, strengthen the capacity and sustainability of management, and improve performance in the design and implementation of the advocacy programmes of existing groups, as well as such as the effectiveness of women's networks and movements.

The Programme seeks to encourage experimentation with inclusive forms of leadership and management, to support the creation of a collective vision and agenda for building a movement at national, provincial and district levels, and to contribute to the adoption more participatory, inclusive , innovative approaches that confront unequal power relations within and beyond the women's movement in Mozambique.

One of its main strengths is the adoption of an approach to the management of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) which aims to promote collective knowledge and create the conditions for a dynamic relationship based on the needs, responsibilities and decision-making of the collective of organizations.

The Platform ‘ALIADAS on the Move” provides a space for training, knowledge, interaction and information that is aligned with the Programme's transformative process and practice of reflection based on MEL. Welcome, let us together follow this rich learning path.

Technical team

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Designer – visual idealization,
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Programmer -
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Concept and idealization, content coordinator and editor
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Digital educator,
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Fidélia Chemane
Director of the WVL-ALIADAS
Valuarda Monjane
Institutional reinforcement manager


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Av. Julius Nyerere, N.º 258
Maputo, Moçambique  – CP 4669


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Women’s Voice and Leadership ALIADAS ( WVL - ALIADAS)
Av. Julius Nyerere, N.º 258 Maputo, Moçambique      CP 4669

(+258) 21 48 75 52 (+258) 21 48 75 65

(+258) 84 51 08 505 (+258) 82 47 08 431